TSA Fair Play - Holistic Approach

TSA is a club and as such we follow Chess South Africa Online Guidelines


also treat fair play with a Holistic Approach

Chess SA Online Guidelines:

For the system to work, we require co-operation from everybody to submit correct and accurate information:

8.1 A player is breaching the “Fair Play Policy” if:

8.1.1 The players are assisted by an “engine” or any electronic means.

8.1.2 The player is consulting any materials during the game.

8.1.3 The player is assisted or consulting any other person.

8.1.4 The player impersonates another player.

8.1.5 Submitting incorrect information.

8.1.6 Playing with two or more accounts.

8.1.7 Account closed on chess.com for Fair Play.

8.1.8 Account flagged on Lichess.org for “computer assistance”.

Holistic Approach

  1. Environment

  2. Supervision

  3. Verification

Seminar guidelines used:


Environment - Steps Taken in the TSA Club

  • This is a Club environment and the players get to know each other

  • The players' Real names are published on Chess-Results.com

  • The players are playing under the Chess SA Rating System and their Chess SA ID's are published

  • NO high prized tournaments are held and this reduce using assistance significantly

  • From time to time members are informed of the clean track record the Club has


  • 99 percent of all tournaments are overseen by an arbiter

  • There are WhatsApp groups for players to receive information of the Tournaments

  • Players and Parents have my WhatsApp number and can at anytime approach me

  • Tornelo have real time fair play reports during tournaments

  • LiChess have statistical analysis on all matches

  • Chess.com have statistical analysis on all matches


  • All tournaments are uploaded to check with sophisticated Fair Play Software

  • If players play outside the boundaries of the software they are informed

  • Players who play "too well" are reported to Platforms to do an independent verification

  • The TSA Club may remove players if they bring the Club's name into disrepute

TSA Club is for HUMANS - NOT Computers

  • We know computers have ratings above 3000

  • If you want to play as computer, LiChess allow you to create a "BOT" and enter leagues!

  • We are here to have fun against our peers and not to play computers

  • To say your rating is yours when using assistance is just "silly" !?

Tornelo - Practical Guidelines


Tornelo Matrix of Fair play

Rating band Under 1000

Average Move Match >45

Sorting >-40

Rating band Under 1500

Average Move Match >50

Sorting >0

Rating band Under 2000

Average Move Match >60

Sorting >20

Rating band Under 2500

Average Move Match >60

Sorting >30

Example of Tornelo Fair Play Report